Mirror, mirror on the wall

FrameI was walking past this mirror at home, and accidentally looked at it from just the right angle — it was reflecting the top of the opposite wall (actually a low lintel.) The reflected wall is of the same color as this wall, and the mirror seemed to disappear because of that, leaving only the frame

So out came my camera. A lovely opportunity to admire this frame!😉


One of those rare times when I actually like the result of photographing light reflected on a wall.😉 The reflection is from a container of distress inks that my sister uses in her card-making.

Foggy morning

Foggy morning fun
Clicked this on a foggy morning at the Half Moon Bay. There were people having fun running around, and I was having fun clicking them..

The photograph itself was grainy, and when selectively blurring some areas didn’t make it better, I decided to retain, and add on to, the graininess. I kinda like the resulting effect…


This picture is from one of my attempts at long exposure photography without a tripod, especially when there was no elbow support to keep my arms steady.😀 Not deterred by the initial blurred results with longer exposures, I was able to manage this fairly good picture with an exposure time of slightly more than half a second. (Hurrah!)

Clicked at Tanah Lot, Bali during a sunset.

For themed Monochrome Madness: Movement.

Negative stairs

Negatives are fascinating. They can be creepy sometimes. (Negatives of faces, anyone?) But then, there are times when they can lend so much beauty to a picture. These negative stairs — I can just keep looking at them. The tiles look amazing, and the railings provide company until the stairs disappear. I clicked the original picture in the hotel that we stayed at when we visited Tossa de Mar, Spain.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Stairs, Steps, Ladders.

Stare of the leopard

Stare of the Leopard

I clicked a picture of this magnificent leopard at the Bannerghatta zoo in Bangalore a long, long time ago. It was lying in the sun in its wire-mesh enclosure, and I was trying hard to click the big cat without getting too much of the wire in the shot. I clicked a few pictures, and then the leopard looked right at me as if to say, “Aren’t you done yet?” I was so jubilant that I clicked the shutter button right then. The leopard went back to cleaning itself not even a second later.

This picture was the one in the set to get the wire most out of focus; and that feline stare was the cherry on top!🙂