DPS Weekly Photography Challenge — Reflections


This was my submission to the latest DPS Weekly Photography Challenge — Reflections. I’ve submitted my entries to DPS a few times now, but I might stop, because the default “sort by best” entries-view there makes the entries that get upvoted early on remain at the top, thereby having more probability of getting seen (and upvoted) again, and entries submitted later are shown at the bottom, and though they might be good, they never get seen or upvoted because no one scrolls past the initial few  entries. How unfortunate!


2 thoughts on “DPS Weekly Photography Challenge — Reflections

  1. I’ve been frustrated with DPS in just trying to upload at all. I haven’t found the site very user friendly which is a pity because it looks like there is a lot of great stuff going on there.


    • I agree, it is really a pity that the site does not seem to be designed for good user experience. (Gosh I’m using words that remind me of work… I’ll stop talking.)


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