Stained Glass: Coat of Arms

Stained Glass Coat of Arms

Amongst the scores of pictures I clicked at the Alcazar of Segovia, this one draws my eye time and again. It’s a stained glass work of (what I think is) a coat of arms, and the lovely contrast is only one of the things that I like in it. The picture somehow reminds me of House Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire. Though it looks nothing like the Stark coat of arms, elements of it — like the crown, the shield, the swords, the wolf-like animals, their fighting, the snow-on-pavement-like background that screams “Winter is coming” 🙂 — well, if those don’t get one thinking about the series, what does? I just wish the next novel would come out soon. (Horrors, what am I gonna do if the TV series overtakes the novel series?!)


5 thoughts on “Stained Glass: Coat of Arms

  1. So it went from the pic to Fire and Ice!!?? 😀
    Great pic though – and I think those wolf-like animals might be dragons cuz there’s fire coming out of their mouths! ;P


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