Vernal fall and the rocks

This week’s theme about endurance made me recall a hike that I did.

Vernal Fall and the rocks

Vernal Fall testing the strength of rocks below

I went on the Mist Trail hike with friends in Yosemite National Park, California. The first point we stopped at was Vernal Fall. It was late summer then — not really the most ideal time for this trail — and the waterfall was not its strongest version. Yet, seeing it continuously batter the rocks beneath made me think of how long those rocks have been enduring it, and how strong they have stood. Every time I start thinking along those lines — about Nature, or the Universe — my next thought-stop is inevitably about how inconsequential us humans are, so I quickly forced my own attention to more worldly matters like enjoying the spray from the waterfall. After having enjoyed a short break, we continued on the steeply-ascending trail to test our endurance further. It was painful alright, but more on that some other time!


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