Flowers beyond colors

The heart of a flower

The heart of a flower

When we think flowers, we always think colors. What’s beyond the color? I think it’s texture. And what better way to ignore the color than to make it monochrome? 🙂 I tried it on a photograph of a flower that I clicked quite a while back. Looking at the result, I must admit that it’s a window into the soul of a flower from a completely different perspective.

Monochromes do make one look at a shot differently. (At least for me they do.) Since I’m pretty sure I’ll post many more monochrome photographs in the future, I’m submitting this one to Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness series. Let’s see how it goes, and if I make a habit of it.


2 thoughts on “Flowers beyond colors

  1. A really beautiful shot! And I agree with both your statements – the texture really does stand out! and monochrome really does make you look at some of the hidden aspects of the subject! 🙂


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