Stepwells and tourists



The Chitradurga fort is a historical spot in Karnataka (the Indian state which has Bangalore for its capital city.) I visited the place with friends sometime back, and I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively clean state of the fort when compared to other historical sites in India. It may be because of the relatively low number of tourists visiting — there’s pretty much nothing else touristy near the fort — but it certainly is not because the visiting tourists are highly responsible.

Take this stepwell we ran into, for instance. These used to be common in olden India, used to collect rainwater for later use. This stepwell is such a beautiful structure, but I had to go round and round to find a spot that has the least amount of garbage showing. This, in spite of garbage bins present all over the fort. I finally ended up photoshopping a huge plastic bottle and smaller debris out of the photograph.

I wish we would stop spoiling the places we visit. It doesn’t take much to carry small bags to collect our garbage and dispose of them when we get back home.

On a happy note, I had fun experimenting with different monochrome variations of the original photograph for Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness series.


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