Along a beach at Kerala

Yet again, I’m amazed at how well-suited monochrome is for certain types of pictures. What that type is, I’m still trying to define conclusively. There are some muddled concepts in my head about hue and saturation and light, but they’re laughing at me right now so I’m ignoring them for a while.

Beach at Kerala

Beach at Kerala

Meanwhile, this photograph that I clicked while strolling around on a sunny afternoon at Kerala was a surprise beauty after some monochrome tweaks. The original photograph had a sky that was just overwhelmingly blue, but with zero saturation and some contrast, the clouds came out of hiding. This monochrome also highlights the harsh effects of the afternoon sun without giving them too much prominence.

Without further ado, I’m submitting it to Leanne Cole and Laura Macky’s Monochrome Madness series.


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