Beauty in simple things

Rope-wrapped pole

A rope-wrapped pole

Clicked on a visit to Kerala a long, long time ago, this photograph reminds me of the beauty in simple things. I love the texture of the rope, and the strands sticking out everywhere. I love how it is wrapped around the pole, and how the light creates lit and shadowed sides.

I’ve also submitted this to the Monochrome Madness series, hosted at Leanne’s. It has a great set of submissions, you should check it out!


10 thoughts on “Beauty in simple things

  1. Very beautiful! You’re right, the simplicity of this is amazing. It’s amazing how many things like this we miss everyday, rushing through our lives. The shadows are wonderful, great job!


  2. Like the faint image of the houseboat in the back too, as well as the wispy bits of rope. My one main suggestion would be that I think it would work a lot better if the rope wasn’t as centred in the image. Just my opinion and only trying to be constructive and helpful. Hope you take this in the right way. Beautiful part of the world. MM πŸ€


    • Yes, the houseboat and the weeds add to the scene in an inconspicuous manner. πŸ™‚ And I do agree with you, John – it would definitely look better if the rope was much more off-center. I just decided to leave it the way it is because this picture connects with me and I really didn’t want to crop it!

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