Asymmetrical symmetry

Who isn’t fascinated by symmetry? I know I’m drawn to it. But after a while, clicking symmetrical pictures gets repetitive. When that happened to me, I stopped clicking the ‘same old same old’ pictures because I just didn’t feel anything new when I saw those pictures.

In time, I learned to change the way I see things. I’m back to capturing symmetry, but now I make sure there’s something different, something asymmetrical, about the capture. I personally feel I appreciate the objects of these photographs better because the symmetry doesn’t overpower the object itself.

Symmetry in a ceiling

Symmetry in a ceiling

I clicked this at a cathedral in Madrid standing slightly off-centre below the ceiling. Do you think this gives a different perspective to the scene than if I’d stood right below the centre?


15 thoughts on “Asymmetrical symmetry

  1. I like symmetry too. When I take such photographs I prefere to stand quite below the centre. But now when I see yours I’m not longer sure that I’m right. This way you took it is also very intresting.
    Perhaps it is sometimes the better way.
    Next time I’ll take two (or even more) different photographs and compare.


    • Ah Werner, I didn’t mean to imply that there’s a right technique and a wrong one. Your ‘centred’ photographs would look great too. I was thinking more about how I felt stagnant, but a small change helped me continue to learn and be interested. 🙂
      That being said, it’s a great idea to click photographs from different angles! You never know what might surprise you. Hope you have fun!


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