A Grand View

A Grand View

Grand Canyon, Arizona

On my road trip with friends, we spent a quiet day (or at least most part of it) at Grand Canyon. I tried clicking pictures, but capturing the sheer enormity of the view in front of me in a photograph seemed to me like gathering an ocean in a teacup. How long the Colorado river (and co.) must have slowly eroded layer after layer of rock to give form to this canyon… How strong the forces of nature are compared to us puny humans… Reflecting on my thoughts from this canyon certainly gives me a different perspective on everyday wonders of nature as well.

I cropped the image in 5:3 to embody some sense of the vastness one associates with Grand Canyon. I also applied a light Lomo effect that highlighted the reds and blues in the image.

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    • Thank you Cybele! Of the numerous photos I clicked of the Grand Canyon, this is one of the very, very few that I feel show a smidgen of that vastness.

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