One-Four Challenge: Forager Duck, Part II

It’s week 2 of the One Four Challenge for May. Robyn Gosby hosts this challenge on her blog, and we work on a photograph of our choosing, presenting a different version of it every week for four weeks of the month.

I’ve chosen a Forager Duck this month, and my version for this week is a muted-color one.

Forager Duck

For this version, I played with color levels on a duplicated layer of the original image. I changed the ranges of the color channels in the layer to make it appear washed-out, and set the duplicated layer to 50% opacity in Color mode.

For more submissions, please check out the comments section of Robyn’s post for this week, or search for the tag ‘One Four Challenge’ in WordPress.


17 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: Forager Duck, Part II

    • Thank you Ashwini! 🙂 Yes, I feel the lack of too many distracting colors makes the pattern of the feathers stand out more.


    • Thanks for the input Ben! Unfortunately, there was only so much I could do when the original picture is mostly homogenously colored already! I tried reducing the focus on the surroundings but that made the duck in this version look unnatural.
      So what would you have done here?

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        • I did experiment some with color modifications Ben. Because the color ranges of both subject and background have quite an overlap, and because of the desaturation, it was quite a task to get either the duck or the sand to change color much while not appearing unnatural.
          So instead of trying to fix the colors, I treated this version like a monochrome-with-light-touches-of-color, leaving the foreground/background contrast differences to compensate for the unsaturated colors and draw focus to the feather patterns of the duck. I’m hoping that was the right decision! (I certainly like this version better than the original image. 🙂 )

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  1. I like this too Anita 😃 It definitely has a monochrome feel and when you view the large image, the details are wonderful. The waves, the feathers, the sand..
    I’ve realised by reading your post and comments, that you’ve put quite some work into this one.
    Looking forward to 3 and Ive just seen it, so off to view it too 😃


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