Close-up texture

Close-up Texture

Sometimes, boredom is good; if one actually acts on it, new (and hopefully better) things can come about. I’ve been terribly bored lately, and while I’m yet to do something on a grand scale to drive away all of it, I did, for a short while, work differently with some yarn from my stash — instead of my knitting needles clicking, it was my camera.

I always say yarn has beautiful texture, and I clicked a few pictures highlighting it. See how tiny strands not usually visible poke out here in the close-up? (This yarn is less than 2mm thick…) That’s one reason I love macro photography — because of how it shows a whole different side to the world around us.

This post is the first of my Textures series. It also goes as a submission in Sylvain Landry’s SL-Week series; this week is Kezako, or ‘What is it’.

It is also, apparently, my 100th post in more than a year of blogging. Yay! (?)


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