The Bridge

Interstate Bridge, Washington-Oregon

A while ago, I’d posted a photograph of the Interstate bridge between Washington and Oregon that we encountered on a vacation. I’ve not clicked many pictures of bridges; every frame, every composition of a bridge that I intend to capture just looks like it’s been done to death. Though I don’t think the composition of this photograph is unique, I’d just felt happy when I clicked it, and that’s the reason I decided to keep it.

That’s why I wondered if I should participate in this week’s bridge-themed Monochrome Madness, hosted by Leanne Cole on her blog. There aren’t too many opportunities to capture bridges in Bangalore, and I haven’t been out much lately, so I’d thought of using an existing photograph. (Namely, this lone photograph that I like.) I ended up modifying the picture, and kept it aside to take a call a short while later about submitting it. And then, I promptly forgot about it. Until today. 😦

It’s too late to submit to MM, but I’m posting it here on my blog regardless. 🙂


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