Dragonflies are brutal killers with superpowers; their eyes, apparently, are the most advanced in the insect species. (They beat human eyes effortlessly.) That this dainty-winged creature has not wreaked havoc in killer-insect horror movies shows that Hollywood does not do its research. 😉

I clicked this particular dragonfly while on a vacation at Bali. I used the highest zoom available on my camera for this. No tripod, of course, so I was happy this restless one stayed still for as long as it did! 🙂 While it is not one of those breathtakingly clear and detailed macro photographs by a long shot, I do love the transparent wings and huge compound eyes. I made a tight crop of the shot so I can fully appreciate the beauty of its subject.

For the Weekly photo challenge: Eye Spy, and the SL-Week challenge: Transparency.


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