The Maremagnum bridge

Maremagnum bridge

On my Barcelona tour with friends, we visited the Maremagnum shopping mall. This mall is mostly surrounded by water, and there’s a contemporary wooden bridge — called the Rambla de Mar — that allows us to access it. The structure of the bridge makes it appear to drastically get narrower at the far end, but that’s just an illusion. 🙂

A lot of people were around with us that day, probably because it was super-sunny. I had to actually move a bit ahead, away from the general direction the crowd was taking, to avoid bumping into anyone while clicking this shot. I did some post-processing with color curves and gradient maps in GIMP to give a retro feel to the picture. I’d originally wanted to post a different monochrome photo, but liked this retro picture so much that I decided to post this instead. Sorry monochrome, another time!

For SL-Week: Narrow.

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