The face of Nandi

On our visit to Lepakshi a few months ago, my friends and I stopped at a sculpture of Nandi on the way. Nandi is the bull that serves as the mount of Lord Shiva. Usually, temples dedicated to Shiva have a statue of Nandi as well in them; there are also sites dedicated solely to Nandi. This is one such monolithic sculpture. I’m impressed with how the curves and contours of the bull’s face are carved in the stone, not to mention the repetitive details in his adornments and ornaments. Though I love the colored original, I’m (as usual) partial to this more contrasty monochrome version.

I’ve submitted this one to the themed Monochrome Madness of this month, ‘Curves‘. I did feel uncertain about this picture at first and wondered if I should look for a different one, but on second thought, I did (and still do) appreciate how many curves there are in this statue, so I just hit ‘Send’ in the end. 🙂

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