A few folds, some snips of the scissors, and finally some glue. Voila! A paper sheet transforms into a whimsical spinner that hypnotically twirls with the slightest breeze.


25 thoughts on “Transformation

    • This is something that I learned when I was a kid! ☺ I searched for instructions on how to make ‘paper spinners’ and ‘paper lanterns’, and there are some pretty cool ones that show up but not this particular one. 😯
      I don’t think I can explain well without creating an actual how-to with pictures / video, but I’ll give it a shot –
      Fold a square along the diagonal, then fold the resulting triangle once more. Cut slits parallel to the longest edge, starting from one of the other edges but not cutting all the way through to the opposite edge. Open the paper back up. Pull up the innermost pair of slit ‘strips’ towards each other and glue them together. Do the same with the next pair, except you pull them on the opposite side. Continue alternating with each pair, and your spinner is ready! Staple a cord to the top of the piece and hang it where there’s a breeze.

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