Creative chaos

Creative chaos
A picture that I clicked of my sister’s card-making preparation from today — alcohol inks on aluminium foil. There is chaos in it, and creativity, and when she finally uses this in her card, there’s just the wow! πŸ™‚

What’s inside?

The color version of a photograph that I submitted for one of the Monochrome Madness weeks. I like how all the glitter on this little container stands out so well in a macro shot — just one of the myriad everyday things that one does not notice usually..

Blooms on blue

Blooms on blue
I own a top in a beautiful blue color, with small white flowers and leaves embroidered on it. I’ve always loved this top, but it’s only when I clicked a macro of it for this SL-Week theme (Blue) that I noticed that the fabric’s texture looks very much like knitting! Macros just show so much more of the world, don’t they — all the stuff that we never usually notice. Because I too knit, my love for the top has now doubled. πŸ˜‰

The title ‘Blooms on a bed of blue’ passed through my mind for this post, but that’d be way too much alliteration, right? πŸ˜›

Punched ticket

A punched ticket. I always used to wonder if I could reuse a ticket if I preserved it for a month. πŸ˜€ Well, the tickets did have other components, like the day of the week. But there has to be a day that matches all punched parts on an old ticket, right? (Is this how one begins hoarding tickets? πŸ˜‰ )

Anyway, these tickets might soon belong only in nostalgic memories, since they’re slowly being replaced by electronic ones.

I wish this picture was that of a real ticket, but there wasn’t one at hand. I used one of my sister’s handy patterned papers instead — she uses the papers for her cardmaking hobby..

What’s inside?

It’s almost themed-MM time again, and this month, Leanne has given us the word ‘Closed’. For this theme, I clicked a macro shot of this small container that lies in my cupboard. Extremely glittery and adorned all around with glassy / plasticky trinkets, my mom received this along with a gift that is usually given to guests at some kinds of religious ceremonies in India.

Wonder what’s inside?

It contains kumkuma (kumkum), a powder that is applied on the forehead. Because the container catches the light and glitters when I open my cupboard, I end up using the powder now and then. Maybe that was my mom’s intention when she placed this garish piece in my room. πŸ™‚

Mundane object challenge

No, no, this is not a new photo challenge that I decided to participate in. (Well, it should be… πŸ˜‰ ) This is something that I try out sometimes — photographing mundane, everyday objects in a different or interesting light.

Green Apple Crush

So my mom served us green apple crush one day. I think the color of that liquid is just awesome! It unfailingly makes me think of the Slytherin common room. (That’s not why I like the color, though. πŸ˜€ ) I decided to click its picture, but disappointingly, not one of my tries turned out to my liking. Finally, I decided to use the light streaming from the window as a prop. And do I love the result or what!

Does this count as cheating, though? Did I go around the mundaneness ‘rule’?

Gerbera duality

Gerbera dualityCoincidentally,Β this week’s Monochrome Madness is both a 2-year anniversary and a theme — Closeup. Congratulations to Leanne, and a big thank you as well for hosting it for so long. I don’t participate every week, but in the weeks when I don’t submit anything, I still don’t miss out on looking at everyone else’s submissions. πŸ˜‰

So for this momentous week, Leanne suggested we try combining the two occasions in our submissions, and incorporating ‘two’ somewhere in them. While I wondered what to click for this dual theme, I decided to go through my old pictures as well. I came across another macro shot of the Gerbera that I loved photographing a while ago, and had an idea. Most of the lower part of the picture was in shadow, so I rotated a copy of the image and overlaid it on the original. Kinda like the face cards in a deck of playing cards. The overlay, with some playing around with the masking and shading in the layers, makes the picture look like a reflection, but also not a reflection. I love, love this duality! ❀ I’m waiting to see the other MM submissions — Leanne will publish them all on Thursday.

This picture is an addition to my Flowers series as well.


A Dandelion Flower

During my stay at Seattle, my friend and I visited the Washington Park Arboretum on a boring day — we could think of nothing else to do. With plenty of willing, flowery company to click (and pose for) photographs, we ended the day with much cheerfulness! πŸ™‚ .

Pictured is a dandelion flower that I clicked then. An addition to my flower-series.

Gerbera monochrome


A monochrome photograph of the red gerbera that I’d clicked a while ago. The two pictures are refreshingly different! (They look similar but they’re not the same shot, they’re just the same flower…)

Revisiting my gerbera post reminded me that I’d started a Flowers series but have completely forgotten about it. I should probably work harder on keeping this series alive, heh? πŸ™‚

This photograph also goes as my submission to Sylvain Landry’s SL-Week series — this week’s theme is Macro. Coincidentally, I submitted the red gerbera photograph as my first ever entry to the SL-Week series!

Well, isn’t this gerbera related to one too many facts on this blog…?


Close-up texture

Close-up Texture

Sometimes, boredom is good; if one actually acts on it, new (and hopefully better) things can come about. I’ve been terribly bored lately, and while I’m yet to do something on a grand scale to drive away all of it, I did, for a short while, work differently with some yarn from my stash — instead of my knitting needles clicking, it was my camera.

I always say yarn has beautiful texture, and I clicked a few pictures highlighting it. See how tiny strands not usually visible poke out here in the close-up? (This yarn is less than 2mm thick…) That’s one reason I love macro photography — because of how it shows a whole different side to the world around us.

This post is the first of my Textures series. It also goes as a submission in Sylvain Landry’s SL-Week series; this week is Kezako, or ‘What is it’.

It is also, apparently, my 100th post in more than a year of blogging. Yay! (?)

Flowers – Red Gerbera

GerberaA red gerbera from a bouquet I received recently — the bouquet, coupled with macro photography, contributed to my whiling away an entire afternoon. πŸ™‚

This is a part of my flower series, and is also my first post in the SL-week series hosted by Sylvain Landry — this week‘s theme is Rouge (Red.)

Tiny Key Charm

Key Charm

Which lock will this tiny (it’s only 1.5cm!) key charm open? Though I bought it a long time ago, I haven’t used it in any jewelry yet. I think I’m waiting for a tiny lock charm to catch my eye at a store somewhere… πŸ˜€

I do love the key charm itself, but in this photograph, more than the highlights and shadow of the charm, I somehow like the texture of the paper surface on which the charm lies! So unobtrusive, and yet it adds so much to the composition.

Check out other submissions by talented photographers in Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness series — this week, it’s a ‘K’-themed challenge.