Out of This World

Abstract or alien? | Anita
Textures and patterns in everyday objects can seem extraordinary and out of this world when one pays a little attention to them.


A double exposure using different results that I got while playing with the same lights on different occasions — a primitive light drawing, and a bokeh. Together, they’re magic! 🙂

Floral blur

Floral skirt blur
My first experiment with rotating the camera while clicking a photograph. I’d become enthused reading an article or two about rotating / zooming in to make the picture look abstract, so I tried this with the floral skirt I wore that day. Not bad — certainly not the mess I thought it would turn out to be, though it is centered slightly away from where I wanted it to! 🙂 Well, this reminds me that I haven’t really tried many of these shots recently. Time to shoot some abstracts!

A satisfactory evening

Evening joys
There’s nothing more satisfactory than relaxing on the evening of a positive day, enjoying whatever joys the season has to offer, with one’s favorite <insert object of your choice> in hand. A good day for me is when I go to sleep happy.

Composite created from three images: a sunset, a cold drink, and one of my sister’s patterned paper sheets.


Not all blurry photographs, even if unintended, are eligible for the trash can. They actually look beautiful sometimes! This one, for instance —

Diya, blurred

I’d been aiming for this lamp, adjusting my settings, when ‘click!’ I pressed the shutter button without thinking. Needless to say, I was happy when I saw the result of this accident. 😉 I see it as an abstract representation of the Diwali festival — the flame, its reflection, the vague outline of the earthen lamp in the background…

I now try unfocused clicks more often. (Although what comes out of it isn’t always great.) That just goes to show that there is always some takeaway from any incident, doesn’t it?

Tabletop – Abstract

There are some casual photographs that are just too much fun to play with. This hole-ridden tabletop, for instance. It was just begging to be photoshopped (or GIMP’ed, in my case), and with a simple superimposed lens effect, this is what it turned into.

Tabletop - abstract

Tabletop – abstract

Makes me think of the Moon. 🙂

A nonsensical, dreamy view

Dreamy view

Dreamy view

Today, I’ve decided to go abstract. This photograph is from one of my experiments. I was folding clothes, which had nothing to do with photography, and I came across a sheer garment. I spontaneously decided to photograph through the fabric. The result: A vague, dreamy, unrealistic view. I’ve clicked a few varying pictures through fabric since, but this one — the first, nonsensical one — remains close to my heart.