A Photo a Week Challenge: Street Lights

On a Rainy Day... | Anita
Given that the day was cloudy, rainy and dark, wish this lamp was on and glowing!

For Nancy Merrill’s A-Photo-A-Week Challenge: Street Lights



It’s chilly today, and I recalled a freezing, windy, hectic and fun day spent at Dublin a few years ago. I’m happy it’s nowhere near as cold now as it was then. 🙂

The tree | Anita

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge –
Cee's Fun Foto Challenge
Cee has added a nifty twist to her Fun Foto Challenge for the next few weeks – she posts a picture, and we pick items or colors from her picture to base our pictures on.


Waiting | Anita

If only a bench could relate the experiences of all the people that it has supported… Stories of togetherness, and of loneliness. Moments of strength, and of weakness. Feelings of happiness, and of sadness. This bench must have seen it all, and yet, it always seems like it is waiting for the next person it would meet.

Caution, Wet!

Caution, wet!
Clicked on a rainy day at the Royal palace, La Granja, Spain.

For Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color Your World Challenge: Peach.


Alone, but not lonely

Alone but not lonely

Sitting by herself

Alone, yes, but not lonely

Lost in her daydreams

For this week’s SL-week theme: Alone. I don’t really know if this lady was daydreaming, but if not, I hope she was at least enjoying people-watching!