A Photo a Week Challenge: From Above

Peek at Pillars | Anita
For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge



Wall along stairs
Some textures totally catch the eye — like this one did mine.

@VVS Dam, Chitradurga, India


Sculpture on mantap pillar

Seen at Chitradurga Fort, a well-known site in Karnataka (the state where I live) with quite a history, and associated with legends in the Mahabharata, an epic dating back centuries before our time..


Look at these two. I don’t know what game they’re playing, but one of them seems really grumpy and so done with the whole thing, while the other seems really cheerful and chirpy!! 🙂

View from a dam

View from the top

As seen from the top of the Vani Vilas Sagar dam at Chitradurga. The greenery, the farms, the hills, the patches of sun drifting along the landscape — it was all so mesmerizing and soothing that I almost forgot to click a picture!

Cropped in a 5:3 ratio and a wide vignette added.

Is it already summer?

The tree
Summer’s supposed to start between March and April in India, but it’s already pretty hot here in Bangalore. There are short spells of pleasant weather at times, when one can dare to leave the comfort of air conditioning and venture outside during the day. Well, this just makes me wonder how we’ll manage by the time ‘real’ summer arrives….

I clicked this picture at Chitradurga on a super-pleasant day — just the kind Bangalore used to have, and the kind I’m missing right now.

One Four Challenge — The Path 4, Night light

This is the final version of my photograph in a very fun and experiment-filled month for the One Four Challenge series hosted by Robyn. After last week‘s color splash, I decided to do a muted-color version of the path that I clicked at Chitradurga.

While I was trying out things, I had this thought on making a ‘night’ version of the scenery, with all discernible colors dulled and replaced with some sort of moonlight effect. And this is what I came up with –

Path -- Night light

Path — Night light

I think this is the darkest the picture has been, and the most highlighted the path has ever been, and I feel that together, they skew the shot somewhat. Well, I’m consoled by the fact that I at least got the night effect that I was aiming for… 🙂

The How:

I duplicated the image layer in Grain extract mode at 65% opacity, and applied ‘Difference of Gaussians’
edge detection on it. (Yes, I’ve used edge detection for an earlier version too, albeit with different settings. I think I’ve to make a conscious decision to not use it much next time.) I then added a layer in Multiply mode at 85% opacity, and filled it with blue. Finally, I added a layer in Soft light mode, and filled it with white — that brightened the scenery and made the glow on the stone, the grass and the path more prominent. Evidently, I like how that glow turned out! 😀

Earlier images

Path -- sepia tones   Path -- monochrome textures   Path 3 - Color splash

The original version is very, very similar to the first photograph (I did minimal editing there) so I’m not going to post it this time. However, if you’d like to tell me which of these four versions you like most, I’m all ears!