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No matter where I go, I’d love it if it’s stimulating, and evokes a response – intellectual, creative, emotional – because at the end of the day, I’m back in my headspace, and that response is what stays with me..



Variety’s the very spice of life,
That gives it all its flavour.

-William Cowper

Oh yes, variety is what keeps one from stagnation. A fresh perspective, or something totally different, always keeps things interesting. For me, finding variety is both inspirational and therapeutic in a whole lot of aspects related to daily life.

This photograph (with some mellow post-processing effects applied) is of different varieties of patterned papers that my sister owns.

A nonsensical, dreamy view

Dreamy view

Dreamy view

Today, I’ve decided to go abstract. This photograph is from one of my experiments. I was folding clothes, which had nothing to do with photography, and I came across a sheer garment. I spontaneously decided to photograph through the fabric. The result: A vague, dreamy, unrealistic view. I’ve clicked a few varying pictures through fabric since, but this one — the first, nonsensical one — remains close to my heart.

Old-World charm of a classic scooter

Classic Scooter's old-world charm

Classic scooter’s old-world charm

Clicked at Tossa de Mar on a vacation in Costa Brava, Spain, this classic scooter so reminded me of old times. I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these plying on the road. The last time I thought about them, though, was when I saw the poster for another classic — the movie Roman Holiday, with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn and the popular Gregory Peck as the leading pair.

It was almost midday when I came across this scooter, and along with the harsh light, there was also some flare at the top when I clicked this quick picture. I feel all of those add to the old-world feel. I did some light post-processing to make the colors more suited for the ‘vintage’ nature without changing the original too much.

Funny how the simplest of stuff evokes emotion in you, isn’t it?

Gossip and humanity

Happy Gossiping, Humanity!

Happy Gossiping, Humanity!

When people get together, there’s inevitably gossip. We’re social beings, after all. Some research even suggests that gossip helped the evolution of language (we needed it to strengthen bonds within our groups) and thus, made humanity what it is today.

I clicked this picture when my friends and I stopped to stretch our legs on our way to Mt. Rainier, Washington. These people looked like they were enjoying their chat.


Serene Contemplation
One foggy evening, I was at Half Moon Bay beach with friends. The water was cold and there were hardly any people around. After loitering around for a while, I got my camera out and clicked a whole lot of pictures of people, birds and waves. While clicking one of the birds flying, I unintentionally included a man in the frame. It looked like he was doing a lot of contemplating — he stood that way for quite a while. This picture makes me think about how tied-down human lives are, and how simple a bird’s life is.

Prompted by Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette.