Drinking game

Jägermeister distortions
Seeing that the aim of drinking games is to get drunk — if one wins a drinking game (as highly unlikely and against the odds as it may be), do they actually lose?

Mundane object challenge

No, no, this is not a new photo challenge that I decided to participate in. (Well, it should be… 😉 ) This is something that I try out sometimes — photographing mundane, everyday objects in a different or interesting light.

Green Apple Crush

So my mom served us green apple crush one day. I think the color of that liquid is just awesome! It unfailingly makes me think of the Slytherin common room. (That’s not why I like the color, though. 😀 ) I decided to click its picture, but disappointingly, not one of my tries turned out to my liking. Finally, I decided to use the light streaming from the window as a prop. And do I love the result or what!

Does this count as cheating, though? Did I go around the mundaneness ‘rule’?

A satisfactory evening

Evening joys
There’s nothing more satisfactory than relaxing on the evening of a positive day, enjoying whatever joys the season has to offer, with one’s favorite <insert object of your choice> in hand. A good day for me is when I go to sleep happy.

Composite created from three images: a sunset, a cold drink, and one of my sister’s patterned paper sheets.

Iced tea

Iced tea is one of the few drinks people all over the world are familiar with. If I’m not in the mood to go through the mind-boggling repertoire of drinks on a restaurant menu, or am unable to make up my mind, I just order a lemon-flavored iced tea. It’s universally available, plus there’s no way they can mess that up. Except if they decide to add too much flavor. Nothing beats a chilled iced tea that has the slightly bitter taste of tea…

Chilled Iced Tea

Chilled Iced Tea

I must admit, though, that I haven’t tried to make more than a couple of varieties of iced tea. That’s something I’m gonna try out during hot summer months next year.

Which is your favorite flavor of iced tea, and how do you like it — sweet, or unsweetened? Or do you drink a totally different variety — the Long Island one? 😉

Pink Drink


This picture reminds me of the famous “Is the glass half full or half empty” question that indicates if someone is optimistic or pessimistic. Shouldn’t the more relevant thought be about finishing the (hopefully not poisonous) contents of the glass? 😉

I clicked this casually when my sister and I were drinking some cold juice to beat the heat. It was a bright photograph already, but when I experimented with a brightness-increasing effect, the different shades of pink in the photograph — from the juice, from my sister’s hand and from her dress — became very prominent. Sometimes, more (brightness) is good! 🙂