Foggy morning

Foggy morning fun
Clicked this on a foggy morning at the Half Moon Bay. There were people having fun running around, and I was having fun clicking them..

The photograph itself was grainy, and when selectively blurring some areas didn’t make it better, I decided to retain, and add on to, the graininess. I kinda like the resulting effect…

One Four Challenge: Lamp Post III – foggy day

It’s monochrome time! 🙂 I think this image will go well both for this week’s One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn, and for the week’s Monochrome Madness at Leanne’s. Do check out their blogs for other brilliant submissions.

This time, I thought I’d add a foggy day feel to the scene. These were what I wanted to accomplish: (a) The fog would lend a slight softness to the scene, reducing the contrast. (b) The lamp would be switched on. (c) Because fog translates to low visibility, the reach of the lamplight would not be much.

This is what I decided to submit —

Lamp Post, foggy day

Lamp post, foggy day

For this version, I had to do a lot of things, but this is the gist —

I added a copied layer in Grain-extract mode and blurred it by 3 pixels to make it softer. It was a bit too soft, but reducing the blurring would kill the softness, so I added another copied layer (with no effects added) above it, with reduced opacity. That completed the softness part.

To make it monochrome, I added an all-white layer in Saturation mode. (I think this was the simplest step in the process. 😉 )

To light up the lamp, I added a small starburst with a lot of short spokes over the lamp. I reduced its opacity until it felt right.

For the light emitted by the lamp, I used three layers — one with a radial gradient of white-to-transparent, applied with the lamp as the center, to simulate the light’s glow; another a black vignette to darken the surroundings where the light would be weak; and a last layer with some faint extra shadows in the background, cast by the fence post and the tree, that would correspond to the weak light. I’m not overly fond of how that last layer turned out, but without it, the scene looks weird to me. Maybe I’ll try something else the next time I have to add shadows.

Finally, I added a sepia layer because I thought it looked better that way. 😀

Most of the time, I played around with the transparencies of all the layers until I was satisfied it had just enough of the foggy feel. But now that I’ve linked the picture here, I see that I have a problem that’s the opposite of what Robyn’s been facing with her image this month — mine looks clearer here than it actually is…! 😮 Should I consider this one of life’s mysteries?

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