Chill in the AirWhen one of my knitting projects ends

However far away or unlikely the end might seem when one starts something good, there is always an end, and it is beautiful..


There are few things more meaningful for an artist than their creations being useful, however trivial the use may be!

Coffee Mug Cosy / Cover

A coffee mug cosy / cover that I made for my lovely sister!


The wavy patterns on the cardigan that I’m knitting for my mom not only make the sweater look pretty, they also make it denser than if it were plain. This is what I call functional looks! 😉

Blue Violet

Hand-carved beads
The beads that I recently hand-carved popped into mind when I saw today’s color for the Color Your World Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells. The shimmery colors of the beads are mostly violet, and a bit of blue, and I totally loved using them in my jewelry pieces! 🙂

Paper beads, seed beads

Paper beads, Seed beads
Paper beads and seed beads make a great match…. Who knew!

I made these a while back, and still haven’t figured out how I’ll use them! 🙂


I’d left the walls in my room kinda bare for a long, long time. I hadn’t really liked the things that I saw in shops (both brick-and-mortar and online), and I didn’t really like things that I made either. Now, my standards have probably lowered due to desperation 😉 but those walls are finally filling up. Slowly. One wall-art item at a time.

Amongst other things, I’d planned to put up a couple of hand-drawn (drawn by me, if it wasn’t obvious enough 😉 ) posters. One of the posters is made of colored triangles — I drew them randomly and colored them with (mostly) careful strokes. It looks cheerful and good so far, and I think I’m going to be happy when it’s up on a wall.