Sun and Clouds at Lake Tahoe
There’s just something that connects one to the elements when strolling along a riverbank (or a lake in this case), watching clouds play in a fiery sky, with the breeze in your hair.

Silver linings

CloudsSunset walk by a quiet lake, with the breeze blowing in your hair, hills looming in the distance, and the sky filled with silver-lined clouds as far as you can see. A wonderful ambience, and an instant pick-me-up!


Returning at Sunset
I never get tired of clicking sunsets. Here’s one from Lake Tahoe, with a shining sun peeping from behind clouds that were trying to block its view of the boats.

A pastel sunset

Silhouette in a pastel sunset

Silhouette in a pastel sunset

One of the fun things about clicking sunset photographs is that it never gets boring. So many wondrous combinations of colors from the sky, the Sun and the clouds! Look at this pastel sunset at Lake Tahoe. I don’t usually click pastel colors, but the mellow mood, in such contrast to the enthralled sunset-mood I’m accustomed to, made me give in. Not completely, of course. I had to include a silhouette there for a foreground. 😀 (Would you have clicked it without one, I’d like to know…)

This is my first submission ever for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge!