Sun and Clouds at Lake Tahoe
There’s just something that connects one to the elements when strolling along a riverbank (or a lake in this case), watching clouds play in a fiery sky, with the breeze in your hair.

The Lake

This lake just outside the Preah Khan temple at Cambodia. It was the middle of morning when we passed beside it, but then, I was playing with the colors in the picture later, and I absolutely loved it when I tinted the blue with yellow. This golden sky makes my heart soar with joy in a way that the original blue sky wasn’t able to, and I just don’t feel any shame or guilt for tampering with the colors so! 🙂

For SL-Week: Reflection, and Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant.

Sunset ride

Boat ride

Clicked in the half-light of sunset at the Tonle Sap lake near Kompong Phluk village, Cambodia.

I’ve deepened the colors in the picture to highlight the sunset atmosphere.

Rowing woman

Rowing woman

Clicked at Kompong Phluk, Tonle Sap lake, Cambodia.

Kompong Phluk is a ‘floating’ village built on stilts, and tourists can pay to be taken around on a boat ride through the place. I was not a huge fan of the experience; the village certainly does not seem to reap any benefits of the money paid by visitors. Anyway, here is a photograph of a local woman rowing about going about her chores nonchalantly. 🙂

This picture was kinda blurred, but I didn’t want to throw it away — I really love the half-turned torso of the subject. To make the photograph usable, I decided to make the background monochrome and apply a selective blur, and highlight the woman and her boat in the foreground. However, the varied blurriness required of the elements made my first attempt look weird and unnatural. So I started working with the boat and the woman separately. Frankly, I’ve forgotten the myriad effects I played around with. I remember going crazy with the Colors tool for the boat, and using edge detection and softening and various blend modes and transparencies for the layers. The final changes I made were smudging, shading and healing the subject to make her blend in with the background.

For SL-Week: Women. Happy Women’s Day!

Water weeds

Water weedsWater Hyacinth freely floating on the water. Apparently useful when controlled, but a pest when not…

I do find it beautiful when it doesn’t cover the entire water body, but mostly, its name only conjures up the image of a huge, beautiful lake near where I used to live earlier. Said lake was eventually choked to death by this weed due to inaction by the local authority. 😦


It’s the journey that matters, and the destination is something that one reaches eventually. I find myself agreeing to that whenever I see photographs that I’ve clicked on my way to somewhere. They are far more beautiful to me, and I find myself connecting with them more than I do with the ones I click when I reach my destination. Take for instance this one that I clicked while on a road trip —



The scenery was so serene that even now, a long time later, I feel at peace when I see it.