A few folds, some snips of the scissors, and finally some glue. Voila! A paper sheet transforms into a whimsical spinner that hypnotically twirls with the slightest breeze.



Unanticipated movement while pressing the shutter? Camera settings goof-up? Accidental click? I have no idea what I tried to click here and what formed the trail in the image. All I can say is that I just can’t bring myself to delete this picture because it’s so unusual! ‘Whoosh!’ is what I hear when I see this. 🙂

I’ve played around with shutter speed and exposure since, but I don’t think I’ve recreated something like this.

Clicked on an evening in Las Vegas.



I came across these folks at Disneyland — moving in tune with one another, perfectly in sync, producing deep, booming music..


Movement and Peace

Movement and Peace
To me, movement captured in photographs is not usually synonymous with peace. But this one that I clicked at Shivanasamudra falls — though it is of running, flowing water — manages to convey that feeling. The overhanging trees and the steady rocks surrounding it are probably the reason. Nature is indeed tricksy! 😉

And that’s why I decided to set a 5:3 aspect ratio for the photograph — to add equal importance to the surroundings of the waterfall as well.

The games of water and light

The games of water and light

The games of water and light

How many times do we actually think about the science behind everyday (or even unusual) occurrences? Not many, I admit. Only when today’s daily prompt came up did I recall what refraction is. 😀 At first, I thought of the feeble rainbow that I captured today on my phone at my workplace. (It felt so nice to see one that the population of the entire floor was at the window, clicking away. 🙂 ) Then I thought I’d go through my stash anyway. Good that I did, because I came across this capture of beautiful, constantly changing play of water and light, as well as the illusion of the undulating rocks underneath. All caused by refraction, of course.

Now I can’t stop myself from thinking about scientific terms!