A Photo a Week Challenge: Music

IF VI WAS IX | Anita
IF VI WAS IX, The multimedia installation / guitar sculpture at EMP (now MoPOP), Seattle. It’s an awesome place to visit if you like music.

For A Photo a Week Challenge: Music at Nancy Merrill Photography.


Sculpture on mantap pillar

Seen at Chitradurga Fort, a well-known site in Karnataka (the state where I live) with quite a history, and associated with legends in the Mahabharata, an epic dating back centuries before our time..

The Road Taken

I feel that the photos that I get to click on the road to my destination turn out better than the ones from the actual destination. Maybe it’s because of the thrill of having found more moments to treasure! 🙂

This sculpture of Nandi in a regal pose, on the way to Lepakshi temple, made for ample photography opportunities..


Look at these two. I don’t know what game they’re playing, but one of them seems really grumpy and so done with the whole thing, while the other seems really cheerful and chirpy!! 🙂

Curves and carvings

Sculpture curves
Nary a straight line here! 🙂

Walls in temples are usually covered in small, hand-sculpted carvings like these. Sometimes, their details are just astounding.

Clicked at Lepakshi temple, India..


One (no, three, actually 🙂 ) of the serene faces at the Bayon temple at Angkor Thom, Cambodia. These faces are carved on all four sides of the towers of the temple. They look at the tourists in solemn silence, as we look upon them captivated by their gentle smiles..

One Love


Well, when I saw this week’s Photo prompt, I thought of the song One Love by the band Blue, and somehow, of this photograph that I clicked at Sagrada Família, Barcelona.

The lines, the textures, the light, the shadow, the pose — I love all of it, and I didn’t do many edits here: just burning and some cropping.

The face of Nandi

On our visit to Lepakshi a few months ago, my friends and I stopped at a sculpture of Nandi on the way. Nandi is the bull that serves as the mount of Lord Shiva. Usually, temples dedicated to Shiva have a statue of Nandi as well in them; there are also sites dedicated solely to Nandi. This is one such monolithic sculpture. I’m impressed with how the curves and contours of the bull’s face are carved in the stone, not to mention the repetitive details in his adornments and ornaments. Though I love the colored original, I’m (as usual) partial to this more contrasty monochrome version.

I’ve submitted this one to the themed Monochrome Madness of this month, ‘Curves‘. I did feel uncertain about this picture at first and wondered if I should look for a different one, but on second thought, I did (and still do) appreciate how many curves there are in this statue, so I just hit ‘Send’ in the end. 🙂

Do head over to Leanne Cole’s post for more submissions!

Spot the odd sign

Spot the odd sign

Spot the odd sign

The Military museum at Toledo is a huge structure, well over 3 floors, housed in a fortress located at one of the highest points of Toledo, Spain. On my visit there with friends, we saw this exhibit of a commander alongside a signpost. Whatever the history of this commander was, the sight of so many signs on that post was just too interesting to pass a photography opportunity!

Can you spot the odd sign?

(Spoiler hint: it points the other way… 😛 )


On our visit to Montjuïc in Spain, my friends and I paid an unintended visit to a small museum. (I don’t remember the details, though — that was a blur of a 16-day vacation.) [Update: My friend says it’s actually the not-so-small museum, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.] On display were these dimly-lit sculptures of what I think are philosophers. (Any thoughts about whether they really look like philosophers?) I clicked this picture with the intention of converting it to black and white ultimately. Yay! It does look better in monochrome. 😀 I ended up darkening the image a bit during post-processing to get a better contrast.