Light and Shadow

“To light a candle is to cast a shadow.”
— Ursula K. Le Guin, A Wizard of Earthsea
Source: Wikiquote

For Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color Your World Challenge: Canary.

Doorways and shadows

Doorways to the unknown
For Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color Your World Challenge: Shadow. I’m pretty pleased that this fits the theme both color-wise and literally! 😀


Light and Translucency
A lovely flower causes eye-catching play of light and shadow without even realizing it! 🙂 I think it’s the red that makes the effect striking.

Sighted while strolling around the Washington Park Arboretum.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Dark Reds

Part of my Flowers series.


Finding myself

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Self discovery — the never-ending quest.

Mosque-Cathedral chairs


Clicked at the Mosque-Cathedral, Cordoba, Spain. I loved the arrangement of chairs. The ceiling looked good, too, but that photograph is for another day and another post — one thing to focus on at a time! 🙂

Of course, I’ve dimmed the background to give more emphasis to the foreground. I also applied some masked zoom blur to soften the faraway furniture. Lastly, I cropped the photo wide to highlight the ‘sea of chairs’.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Indoor Seating.

One Love


Well, when I saw this week’s Photo prompt, I thought of the song One Love by the band Blue, and somehow, of this photograph that I clicked at Sagrada Família, Barcelona.

The lines, the textures, the light, the shadow, the pose — I love all of it, and I didn’t do many edits here: just burning and some cropping.

Beside the Door of the Prince

Beside the Door of the Prince

At the Seville Cathedral, Seville, Spain.

This cathedral has multiple entrances, and the one we (all tourists, really) went through was the Door of the Prince. While I stood just outside the entrance, I looked up and clicked a quick few shots. I turned those photos into a monochrome HDR, but kept the upper part slightly blurred to emphasize the height of the structure. Some split-toning brought out the contrast between the higher, brightly lit sections and the lower, shaded parts.

For themed Monochrome Madness: Straight.


I’d left the walls in my room kinda bare for a long, long time. I hadn’t really liked the things that I saw in shops (both brick-and-mortar and online), and I didn’t really like things that I made either. Now, my standards have probably lowered due to desperation 😉 but those walls are finally filling up. Slowly. One wall-art item at a time.

Amongst other things, I’d planned to put up a couple of hand-drawn (drawn by me, if it wasn’t obvious enough 😉 ) posters. One of the posters is made of colored triangles — I drew them randomly and colored them with (mostly) careful strokes. It looks cheerful and good so far, and I think I’m going to be happy when it’s up on a wall.

Close-up texture

Close-up Texture

Sometimes, boredom is good; if one actually acts on it, new (and hopefully better) things can come about. I’ve been terribly bored lately, and while I’m yet to do something on a grand scale to drive away all of it, I did, for a short while, work differently with some yarn from my stash — instead of my knitting needles clicking, it was my camera.

I always say yarn has beautiful texture, and I clicked a few pictures highlighting it. See how tiny strands not usually visible poke out here in the close-up? (This yarn is less than 2mm thick…) That’s one reason I love macro photography — because of how it shows a whole different side to the world around us.

This post is the first of my Textures series. It also goes as a submission in Sylvain Landry’s SL-Week series; this week is Kezako, or ‘What is it’.

It is also, apparently, my 100th post in more than a year of blogging. Yay! (?)

Tiny Key Charm

Key Charm

Which lock will this tiny (it’s only 1.5cm!) key charm open? Though I bought it a long time ago, I haven’t used it in any jewelry yet. I think I’m waiting for a tiny lock charm to catch my eye at a store somewhere… 😀

I do love the key charm itself, but in this photograph, more than the highlights and shadow of the charm, I somehow like the texture of the paper surface on which the charm lies! So unobtrusive, and yet it adds so much to the composition.

Check out other submissions by talented photographers in Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness series — this week, it’s a ‘K’-themed challenge.

Light and Shadow


A picture for the Monochrome Madness series; to view other excellent submissions, please visit Leanne Cole’s post this week.

This is one of the pictures I clicked on a boring day indoors that I decided to spruce up by experimenting with photographing the lights at home. Bright lights and low exposure do make for some art! I swear I never really liked the texture of that wall much before I processed this photograph. 🙂

Foamy texture

Foam core

It’s been a while since I participated in Monochrome Madness (Leanne Cole hosts it on her blog) so I thought this photograph would do just fine for a submission this week. This is from when I clicked a couple of pieces of packaging foam lying around after unpacking. (And for the life of me, I can’t remember what was in the package…) The light falling on them was just right, highlighting the material’s texture. So beautiful! I did increase the contrast and introduce a slight vignette to add to the effect, though…

Do check out Leanne’s blog for more monochrome submissions.