It’s All About Nature

Young Leaves | Anita
For Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: It’s All About Nature


The Devil is in the Details

Shawl blocking | Anita
When you really, really observe a shawl…

For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge

Out of This World

Abstract or alien? | Anita
Textures and patterns in everyday objects can seem extraordinary and out of this world when one pays a little attention to them.

Themed Variations

Cane Stool | Anita
Making an appearance once again — the beauty in the weaving that makes up a cane stool. Made from numerous repeats of the same weaving motion, but with each weave being unique — variations on the same theme. 


There are few things more meaningful for an artist than their creations being useful, however trivial the use may be!

Coffee Mug Cosy / Cover

A coffee mug cosy / cover that I made for my lovely sister!