Goodu deepa
With a gleeful breeze around, it’s fun to watch light peeking out from a swaying paper lamp, but a tedious job to capture it.


A traditional South Indian wedding. The priest runs the couple through a series of rituals, while the relatives of the bride and groom shower the couple with blessings.ย  get together, catch up on gossip and try to pair up ‘eligible’ singles they know. Weddings everywhere are the same, I guess…? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I applied some blurring and solarization effects to the photograph, mainly because it was a slightly old, low-resolution image with not-so-great colors, and also because it was fun playfully distort the picture while still maintaining the spirit of the ceremony. Distorted picture or not, the bride is the most eye-catching person at a wedding!

For SL-Week: Wedding.

Lantern from Diwali

Paper lantern as Diwali decor

Lantern as Diwali decor

Since we’re still basking in the afterglow of Diwali — here’s one of the lanterns that we hung on the balcony.



A Diya (earthen lamp) as Diwali decor

Diwali is officially over, though it doesnโ€™t feel like it — firecrackers are still being burst outside. Though it is meant to be the festival of lights, it has been the festival of noise for a few years now. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it still remains one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the extremely diverse India. If there’s a book on festivals of India, a diya (earthen lamp) symbolizing Diwali would make forย  an apt cover picture.

Now that would be a thick book… or maybe it would be a series, since that’s the fashion these days! ๐Ÿ˜‰

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Traditional


This traditional rangoli (decorative pattern) was created by a Hindu priest at our housewarming ceremony. The nine types of grains laid along the rangoli represent offerings to the nine planets, and bring good luck to the future inhabitants of the house. These nine planets are not strictly the “nine, no eight, no maybe nine again” planets of the solar system. These are astrological, and include the Sun and the Moon. And two shadow planets too, but that’s a (mythological) story for another day.

Prompted by A Word A Week Photograph Challenge โ€“ Traditional.

P.S.: I really hope Pluto gets its planetary status back. A little piece of me died when it got demoted.