A Hard Choice

This week’s Daily Post Challenge is the last one of the lot – that’s right, no more weekly photo challenges – and the topic is ‘All-Time Favorites.’ Now that’s a hard choice, and I’m stuck. It’s like the three variations that I created of a pumpkin field picture, and I just find it impossible to pick the one I like. So I’ll just show those pumpkin pictures to you, and hope it compensates for my lack of an all-time favorite list. 😉

Who wants to be Jack-o-Lantern | Anita

Pumpkin patch | Anita

Odd pumpkin out | Anita



Variety’s the very spice of life,
That gives it all its flavour.

-William Cowper

Oh yes, variety is what keeps one from stagnation. A fresh perspective, or something totally different, always keeps things interesting. For me, finding variety is both inspirational and therapeutic in a whole lot of aspects related to daily life.

This photograph (with some mellow post-processing effects applied) is of different varieties of patterned papers that my sister owns.