A Photo a Week Challenge: Music

IF VI WAS IX | Anita
IF VI WAS IX, The multimedia installation / guitar sculpture at EMP (now MoPOP), Seattle. It’s an awesome place to visit if you like music.

For A Photo a Week Challenge: Music at Nancy Merrill Photography.

One-Four Challenge: Forager Duck, Part III

It’s week 3 of the One Four Challenge for this month; it’s hosted by Robyn Gosby, and we present four weekly versions of one photograph (of our choosing) over one month. My chosen photograph is a Forager Duck, of which I’ve presented ‘glowy‘ and muted-color versions so far. This week, I went monochrome, so I could submit it to the Monochrome Madness series that Leanne Cole hosts. 🙂

Forager Duck

For this version, I slightly blurred the surroundings using a combination of radial- and zoom-blurred layers in Hard Light mode before applying a sepia effect, resulting in softer waves that still show some reflections, and a comparitively stronger focus on the duck.

For more One-Four Challenge submissions, please check out the comments section of Robyn’s post for this week, or search for the tag ‘One Four Challenge’ in WordPress.

For more Monochrome Madness submissions, you might want to head over to Leanne’s post.

Just bent

Not broken, just bent

Not broken, just bent

Clicked while walking towards a beach at Kerala, this angled coconut tree just seemed so unique amongst its companions. Did it course-correct while growing? 🙂

I added a zoom blur centered at the tree and a sepia tone to the photograph. I’m submitting this to the Monochrome Madness series, now running in its second year, that Leanne Cole hosts at her blog.

One Four Challenge: Lamp Post I – radiating

It’s time for the first One Four Challenge of this year, hosted by Robyn, where we process a single image (of our choosing) four different ways. This post’s actually probably late, because there already are about a hundred others published for the challenge. I’d been wondering at the end of last month about whether I’m going to take part in the challenge this month (since I don’t post too often in the first place), and if I am, which photograph I’m going to choose. And I forgot to decide! 😥 I hastily browsed through my pictures, but I think I’ll just stick with one that was a candidate last month — a lamp post.

Lamp post, radiating

Lamp post, radiating

This lamp post is one of several in the gardens around the Royal Palace of La Granja, Spain. The original photograph will be on display in my final post for this month’s challenge.

I’d intended to not apply drastic effects (like, say, a color splash 😉 ) this time, but seeing that I didn’t spend hours browsing through my photo stash to find a versatile photograph, I’m hoping that I’ll keep this promise. (Now there’s my challenge! 🙂 Right?)

For this version, I applied a zoom blur radiating outward from the light in the lamp post, and tinted the image a tiny bit of yellow to make the scenery somewhat warmer. (It was really cold that day.) I like how the blur masks the distracting piece of sky at the top and keeps the focus on the foreground.

As always, here’s hoping that the challenge is a fun and enlightening experience! Thank you for hosting, Robyn.