I don’t think I’ve ever experienced absolute silence, but this one came pretty close.


I think it’s actually the feeling of bliss I experienced, away from the everyday noise and hustle, that makes me associate this scene with silence.


Sun and Clouds at Lake Tahoe
There’s just something that connects one to the elements when strolling along a riverbank (or a lake in this case), watching clouds play in a fiery sky, with the breeze in your hair.


What better represents a snapshot of change, a delta, than a sunset amongst the clouds? Every second, the sun is rapidly descending, the clouds are constantly morphing, and the darkness is steadily expanding.

Silver linings

CloudsSunset walk by a quiet lake, with the breeze blowing in your hair, hills looming in the distance, and the sky filled with silver-lined clouds as far as you can see. A wonderful ambience, and an instant pick-me-up!


Returning at Sunset
I never get tired of clicking sunsets. Here’s one from Lake Tahoe, with a shining sun peeping from behind clouds that were trying to block its view of the boats.

Pure bliss

… is enjoying a beautiful sunset. Even when in a crowd. Have you ever noticed how fast the sun sets when you’re looking at it! I’d to hurry and click pictures before it sizzled off into the sea. I must say I was lucky to get pictures with no people walking past at just the right wrong moment. 🙂.

Clicked at Tanah Lot, Bali.

Sunset ride

Boat ride

Clicked in the half-light of sunset at the Tonle Sap lake near Kompong Phluk village, Cambodia.

I’ve deepened the colors in the picture to highlight the sunset atmosphere.


Sunbeams and Boats

While waiting at Lake Tahoe for the sunset, I was enjoying how the clouds were playing with the Sun, clicking a picture now and then. Suddenly, there was this beautiful moment when the beams fell on the lake, seeming to almost disperse after hitting the water surface. A quick click before the ephemeral sight vanished made sure that I’ll always remember how happy my camera and I felt that evening!