Cityscape | Anita

A desaturated, high-contrast version of the cityscape near Alhambra, Spain.

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #29: Cityscapes, hosted by Patti this week.

Pure bliss

… is enjoying a beautiful sunset. Even when in a crowd. Have you ever noticed how fast the sun sets when you’re looking at it! I’d to hurry and click pictures before it sizzled off into the sea. I must say I was lucky to get pictures with no people walking past at just the right wrong moment. 🙂.

Clicked at Tanah Lot, Bali.

A view of Dublin

Dublin view… from the Guinness Storehouse.

I used to draw and sketch many years ago, and I’ve been missing it recently. I have some paper out, and there’s a half-formed idea in my head that I’m not able to realize on the paper, and I’ve just nudged it aside until inspiration strikes.

So during post-processing of this photograph, I think I still had it on my mind, and I may have unconsciously veered towards this look. I do like how it looks like a sketch with some watercolors mixed in. I might just leave my original idea be and copy this picture onto paper instead… 🙂

For Monochrome Madness: City.

View from a dam

View from the top

As seen from the top of the Vani Vilas Sagar dam at Chitradurga. The greenery, the farms, the hills, the patches of sun drifting along the landscape — it was all so mesmerizing and soothing that I almost forgot to click a picture!

Cropped in a 5:3 ratio and a wide vignette added.

On a cloudy day

On a Cloudy DayOne of the many pictures I clicked from Kerry Park at Seattle, which provides a great view of the city and the water. Despite my best efforts, the cloudy, drizzly day left a raindrop or two on the lens. 🙂