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Musing on life? | Anita

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Isolated Objects
Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Black & White

(The color version of the duck is here.)


Like most people, I’m not a fan of pigeons. But when I see them strutting around with their mildly colored plumage, and light reflecting off of it here and there, my attitude softens. Then I realize they’re just outside my window, probably deciding on the best place to unload, and my urge to shoo them away returns…

Hey little birdie!

A Steller's Jay

A Steller’s Jay that I saw while on a vacation at Oregon, USA. It slightly turned its head right at the moment I clicked it, and its crest is almost hidden as a result. I just love the blue on it!

Though I say ‘little birdie’, this jay is not so little — it is almost as big as a crow…

For SL-Week: DoF.



While on a boat ride in Kerala, these ducks were paddling away furiously beside us. They overtook us eventually. I’d never seen so many ducks gathered together! It was pretty difficult getting a clear picture due to the relative motion of the boat and the ducks, and this is the best of the few that I managed to click.

What makes this photograph funny to me is the random guy inadvertently (or deliberately?) posing at the back. 🙂

Musing on life?

Musing on life?

Musing on life?

It’s true, we all go through it at some point or the other — musing on the meaning (or purpose) of life; only, I eventually realize that I’m hungry and contemplating life can wait, maybe even postponed while I’m busy living it instead. Could this duck on the waterside be similarly deep in thought?

Clicked at the Lake Sammamish State Park one afternoon, this is a twist on the weekly photography theme of muse (the noun), because I don’t have any muses as such — there are a lot of things that inspire me and quite a few that depress me. I’m a complex person. 😉