When I was a kid, I used to wonder how huge, heavy airplanes could become weightless. Now I know how, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling weightless when I fly in one and look at the clouds floating all around me!

Lemon Tea

Lemon TeaA relaxing cup of lemon tea, with slices of lemon suspended in it (even when the cup is officially a coffee cup!) Just looking at this picture makes me want to go make myself one..



While on a boat ride in Kerala, these ducks were paddling away furiously beside us. They overtook us eventually. I’d never seen so many ducks gathered together! It was pretty difficult getting a clear picture due to the relative motion of the boat and the ducks, and this is the best of the few that I managed to click.

What makes this photograph funny to me is the random guy inadvertently (or deliberately?) posing at the back. 🙂



Dragonflies are brutal killers with superpowers; their eyes, apparently, are the most advanced in the insect species. (They beat human eyes effortlessly.) That this dainty-winged creature has not wreaked havoc in killer-insect horror movies shows that Hollywood does not do its research. 😉

I clicked this particular dragonfly while on a vacation at Bali. I used the highest zoom available on my camera for this. No tripod, of course, so I was happy this restless one stayed still for as long as it did! 🙂 While it is not one of those breathtakingly clear and detailed macro photographs by a long shot, I do love the transparent wings and huge compound eyes. I made a tight crop of the shot so I can fully appreciate the beauty of its subject.

For the Weekly photo challenge: Eye Spy, and the SL-Week challenge: Transparency.

Tiny pot trio

Trio of tiny pots Tiny adornments! Who doesn’t love them? 🙂 This trio of tiny pots is one of the many decorative items at home that we have collected over the years. (By ‘we’, I mean my sister who does most of the interior decoration shopping trips with my mother in tow. 😉 )

Half Dome

Half Dome No, I haven’t hiked up this familiar Yosemite rock, but I did go on the smaller (but steep and strenuous towards the end) Mist Trail hike and made it past Vernal fall to the top of Nevada fall. The views on the way and from the top were beautiful, and later, I clicked this picture of Half Dome on my phone.

The best part? I wasn’t at my most physically fit then. 😉 The sense of accomplishment and victory that I felt then is one of the sources of (self-)inspiration for my exercising goals.

Festivals and food

Festival food
Festival season is in full swing here in India, what with Navaratri recently concluded and Diwali around the corner. Most of these festivals have religious backgrounds and overtones to them, but one thing they all have in common is the food. Sweet treats, savoury treats, I’m looking forward to them all! 😀


I’d left the walls in my room kinda bare for a long, long time. I hadn’t really liked the things that I saw in shops (both brick-and-mortar and online), and I didn’t really like things that I made either. Now, my standards have probably lowered due to desperation 😉 but those walls are finally filling up. Slowly. One wall-art item at a time.

Amongst other things, I’d planned to put up a couple of hand-drawn (drawn by me, if it wasn’t obvious enough 😉 ) posters. One of the posters is made of colored triangles — I drew them randomly and colored them with (mostly) careful strokes. It looks cheerful and good so far, and I think I’m going to be happy when it’s up on a wall.



Everyone wants to find and click wonderful stuff, but what about the mundane, everyday objects that fill our lives? I love simple things, and find that ordinary becomes extraordinary if I pay enough attention.