Rice terraces

Rice terraces

With the vacationing Leanne now back home, Monochrome Madness returns with a vengeance, πŸ™‚ with this week being a themed one — Country. I think I have just the picture from my recently concluded vacation at Bali — rice terraces. I clicked this while we were seated for lunch in between our visits to temples, and added a slight split tone during post-processing to accentuate the super-hot afternoon.

Though this is far from a perfect rice terrace photograph, I like it because it reminds me very much of the paddy fields (not terraced ones, though) in my ancestral home town. Well, most of our time in Bali brought back memories of my home town, actually (starting with the weather. πŸ™‚ ) I think this makes the picture also eligible for Sylvain’s latest SL-week theme — Memory!

[Update] Sylvain just let me know that I have won the Memory-themed challenge! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you provide through this challenge, Sylvain! πŸ™‚



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