To have a direction for the things we love to do — maybe continue onward in a familiar direction and finding new knowledge, maybe turn in an unknown direction and finding new adventure. To new horizons..

This picture is a processed layering of two pattern papers from my sister’s collection.


12 thoughts on “Directions

        • If you already know what you want, there’s no room for confusion. If there’s confusion, it takes effort to understand what you want and find your direction.


          • There was plenty of room for confusion in your image. I had no idea what I wanted there. Not my natural surroundings. 😉


          • You definitely get the idea I wanted to convey, then. ☺ Plenty of chaos in life to make finding (and sticking to) the directions that matter challenging. If everyone always knew everything they want, and never had to search or choose, life would be easier and more boring! (And my picture would be one of neat, straight arrows pointing in one direction – forward 😉)
            Anyway, we’ve spent too much time over-analysing a simple picture. ☺ Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!

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