Coffee Mug

Coffee mug

Coffee mug

Impromptu photo opportunities are very satisfying — they provide avenues for us to express ourselves, because we capture what really catches our eye. We recently bought a set of mugs to use for our daily evening dose of milky beverage. A set of colorful mugs with a lot of colorful designs and patterns on them. Not just on the outside, there’s a cute little circular motif on the inside too! I just had to click the mug in my hand, then and there, even if I had to use my phone camera in low-light conditions. I kinda like the graininess of the picture — it highlights the vividness of the patterns in a vague, interesting manner.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Mug

  1. Coffee mugs are for modern days and earlier we had coffee cups. In Finland we even have International Coffee Cup Museum. Also we drink a lot of coffee in Finland and we reuse empty coffee bags making from them bags and handbags. I have posts from all these. If Interested, I can give links to them.


    • A museum for coffee cups sounds interesting! 🙂 And the reuse is very admirable, I read about it on your blog. I hope more and more people get into the spirit of reusing and recycling.

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